rocker w/ blankie

a furniture typology that has deeply rooted nostalgia, connections to family, memories of the bond forged with a child, and the rhythm that helps one relax and slow down in the busy world around us. these characteristics create emotions that attach us to objects and give us reason to pass down furniture from one generation to the next. we feel this is true sustainability.

pushing the connection between furniture and owner we included a niche for the addition of a sentimental object that goes hand in hand with the rocking chair. handmade blankets offer the same comfort and peace as the slow rhythm of rocking. often a blanket is draped over a rocking chair ready to be used; we want to focus on framing the handcraft and meaning of the blanket while giving it a more permanent place as the cushion.

deadfall oregon white oak
danish cording
handmade quilt by Albertha Bradley

42” x 33” x 24”